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Exceptional Resume Paper

The elegant difference you see and feel

Many many years ago I was born... And today I am here... Cristy... Random... Alive... Who would have thought?
20/20, 24 hour naps, 60 minutes, 80s music, academic decathlon, adding interests, aida, autumn, avenue q, badass teachers, bah, barbara walters, being lazy, being nerdy, being unusual, breaking mirrors, breathing, broadcast journalism, broadway, caffeine, chicago, chicago the musical, chinese food, class of 2006, clucking like a chicken, coffee, collecting gumballs, columbia, cute coffee shops, dance, dateline, death, dolphins, ear lobes, early 90s dance music, enow, eric's house! yeah yeah, eyeliner that works, fall, fame, family, feeling accomplished, feeling loved, feeling special, friends, gertrude mcfuzz, gifted and talented, glitter, glue guns, good conversationalists, good conversations, good moods, good scents, gt, guys and dolls, happiness, having a life, heck yeah, highlighters, home movies, hooverphonic, ice cream, idina menzel, idiots, interesting people, internet, john stossel, journalism, kathryn howard, kissing, kristen chenoweth, lava, livejournal, making a difference, mascara, matching, medill, musical theater, mutts, nerds, newsmagazines, nhsi, nhsi journalism division, non-poofy hair, normal stuff, northwestern, not being fat, not gold spray paint, not having headaches, nyc, one act, phone, pink, pink and black, pink and brown, pink and green, pink and orange, pink dolphins, platano, purring, random adventures, random friends, randomness, reading good books, red lipstick, rent, rocky horror show, rolling, seussical, sex and the city, skirts, sleep, smoke city, soft bed and pillow, starbucks, stephen schwartz, stephen sondheim, success, talking, tap dancing, the royal gambit, the word lesbian, theater, theatre, tricky, triphop, turkish sandwiches, understanding, valerie my lover, various forms of coffee, wasting time, watermelon, weird stuff, white males, wicked, work mode, yearbook, yellow, you